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Shaq is not the answer for the Cavs

June 25, 2009

Suns get: Ben Wallace, and Sasha Pavlovic

Cavs get: Shaquille O’Neal

As much as I love Shaquille O’Neal, him being traded to the Cavaliers, is not going to lead to an NBA championship next season.  I understand the front office decision, because Shaq is the biggest name out there right now.  There is a very good chance that Lebron leaves Cleveland next summer for a big market team.  This could be the last chance for Cleveland to win a championship in any sport for decades to come.  Shaquille O’Neal has had immense success throughout his career.  3 titles with the Lakers as the number one guy, and 1 title with the Heat as D-Wade’s sidekick.  He now will be chasing the coattails of Lebron James to win one last championship.  The Kobe Shaq race is now 1-1, and Shaq wants that elusive 5th championship.  The Cavs obviously don’t get any worse with Shaq.  They now have Varejao, Ilgauskas, and Big Daddy.  Unfortunately for Lebron and Shaq, there will be a lot to handle next season.  Starting with the eastern conference, with a healthy Kevin Garnett, Boston will be the favorites to win the east. Orlando will be in the mix, and as Dwight Howard matures and becomes an all around center, Orlando will be a fixture in the NBA finals for a long time to come.  The west has a boatload of teams that can make the finals and shut down the Cavs.  The Lakers have a great chance to repeat as champs next year if the can resign Odom and Ariza.  The addition of Richard Jefferson to the Spurs, and a healthy Manu Ganobli will make San Antonio an immediate contender again.  The combination of Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups always has to scare you in Denver.  If Yao Ming, and Tracy Mcgrady can stay healthy, the Rockets have good of a chance as any team to make a run.

The Cavs have a tough road to climb, and the 37 year old Shaq is not going to get Lebron James his first championship.  Cleveland is going to have to look elsewhere in free agency if they expect to be in the NBA finals next season.  Shaq will give Mike Brown a solid 20 minutes a game, and is a big body which is essential down the stretch of games.  However, he is old, and only shows spurts of his oldself.  Good luck Big Daddy, I am rooting for you.


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  1. geoffrey7713 permalink
    June 25, 2009 8:53 pm

    I agree

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