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The Mexican Drug War

July 7, 2009

The War on Drugs is a scam, we all know it but the propaganda machine, also known as the mainstream media and D.A.R.E like programs keep telling us drugs are bad. Everyone wants to blame someone for something but all that does is make it so we the people can’t ever get to the source of the problem, and all we see on the news is the horrible things happening in parts of Mexico. Interestingly enough the drug war is not a war fought in resort towns or places that Americans like to go to. The drug war is fought in impoverished areas that have already been dealing with post-colonial lack of infrastructer for some time now. In Movies like BLOW they make Pablo Escobar out to be a cool guy, and George is just providing a service. But the drug game and the guns game as a biproduct is a very lucrative busines. Why would anyone work in a Mexican Factory when all of them and thier homies could start a gang that is in with the CIA and other branches or Meixican/American/Canadian governments. The more the CIA pins each rival gang up against each other the only people that loose are the people. The American Tax payer has to pay for the efforts of anti-drug forces, Mexican military has to fight against renegade drug cartel members with a viscouos cycle that ends with us the Americans thinking that Mexicans are just gun crazy people living in Andrew Jackson times, when reality its just a few people at the top who use coerican to gain power and then everyone else underneath them are pawns, with our tax money paying to compat something that the CIA helps create and to pay for drug rehab centers, becasue with out the help of Goverments we would not have so many people on dope, willing to pay even more on a black market to keep up with inflation, having poor mexicans willing to die for thier chance of the American Corona. We just want to go thier Mexican Resorts and drink the Mexican Corona. When people wake up and realize its all a game, and we are all loosing, they will say How many mexicans do you need to end a War? Juan……. I dont know facts or anything.. this is spur of the moment not research writing

Lets all Love Each other


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