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People like what they tell you to

July 9, 2009

For once try leaving your cell phone home, take off the ipod, and enjoy the natural music in the world. We all need to connect to our peeps. Every night of the week I go to see live bands, watching people giving it their all with stuff they write that is unadulterated from the record companies. My friends and Sonny Bamboo are all legit. They just don’t have the muscle that the record companies once had.  a great aspect though is that now musicians are asking for optional donations for songs. So we can get the Jonas brothers and who ever is “cool” these days out of the picture. Over the course of the last year I have written a lot on sociological, political, economical, philosophical, historical and communicate discourse. What I have learned through experiment and observation is; that people will like what you tell them to like, as long as you present it in the right way. My experiment now is to have a ridiculous show for a bunch of unknown bands just to see If I can get people to like that kind of music. As an experiment I set up a marketing, advertising, promoting, design, and management team to manage promote and handle shows for musicians and artists. It is not hard as I have made up stuff the whole time and just told people what they want to hear. It is way easier than anyone thinks, and if anyone else is beginning to see how much a joke of an existence that we participate in and wants to help me run experiments that will make money let me know, I have a ton of ideas that can be done on little money with actually allowing for artistic and creative freedom. We need to express ourselves through Art, sports and Music, to stop time and enjoy life. We need to do what we want to do, and get people who like to design computers, like the people for Hawkins to help make computers to do 99% of the work for us, so we can just worry about pooping, eating, and not being cold. Anyone played in a serious sports match? Anyone got lost in a painting? Anyone performed any music that they just did not want to stop? Well this is bridging the Time-Space continuum and we can easily achieve this through love? Who is in? They cant stop us if the don’t know what they found, we can beat the system lets just do it. My successful self looked back and said keep loading the wagon even if you don’t know where you are going. We all take different paths, we all want different results, but we all just want to love  each other and live happily. You don’t find Happiness, its just the way.


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