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What goes public doesn’t make sense sometimes

July 11, 2009

Earlier this week there were reports of federal buildings having major security breaches.  The United States own federal agents sneaked their way into some federal buildings and were able to build bombs in the matter of minutes within the bathrooms on the premises.  There was footage of a guard sleeping on the job.  This is obviously a major problem and shows that since 9/11 our security has really not improved.  The biggest concern I have is why something like this would leak out?  Why does our government want the world to know how much security has always been an issue.  Terrorists are out there licking their chops right now.  I am not discriminating against security guards by any means, but most of the individuals I refer to are paid minimum wage and have no training whatsoever revolving around dire chaotic situations.  Events that should be made public are kept under wraps.  There is a plastic continent the size of Great Britain floating around the Pacific Ocean right now.  Millions of animals are dying, and ecosystems are greatly affected.  Why hasn’t this been a major headline as of late?  The media is the greatest of all evil sometimes.  I am starting to think that it does more harm than good.



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