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Professional athletes are not role models

July 14, 2009

37 year old retired boxer Arturo Gatti was found dead in a hotel room in Brazil on Saturday.  His wife has been charged with the murder, as it has been investigated that she choked Gatti to death with her purse strap.  For the second week in a row, a high profile celebrity has been killed by a spouse.  The media always portrays professional athletes as invisible, but this reflects how vulnerable they are.  Athletes put their pants on everyday like the rest of us, and they are mortal.  Unfortunately Arturo Gatti and Steve McNair will be poster boys for young athletes heading forward in regards to personal relationships.  I am hoping that kids will stop looking at athletes as role models.  Parents, and peers are role models because they have a vested interest in your life.  These professional athletes don’t know any of us personally.  Why look up to them with such admiration?  They are professional entertainers, that are natural athletes.  I think its about time that we stop putting them all on pedestals.  





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