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“She’s either really smart or really stupid”

July 15, 2009

Who thought that watching overly indulged private school kids go about their “everyday lives” would ever be THIS entertaining and a huge guilty pleasure of mine to be exact. 

The cast includes: 
PC, who reminds me of everything I detest in a male. In an episode he was away in Mexico where he  rejected a girl because she was from Texas, and in the one on one interview made a face that would be translated to most as “ew”.   Then there’s Jessie, PC’s BFF! Jessie is an aspiring fashionista and well-known as the bitch among some of the other cast members. It is so obvious that she likes PC more than a friend and PC, being a narcissist, loves the attention of a girl like Jessie. Then there’s Kelly and Camille…I can’t say anything negative about either of them, besides that they are on the show and therefore guilty by association. In last nights episode, Kelly announced that her birthday was coming up at Camille’s dinner party, and PC asked her if it was her bat mitzvah. Kelly got mad, which kind of made her look like a loser, but besides that she seems like a cool girl with psychotic New York City parents. Then there’s Taylor. Unlike the other brats, Taylor attends public school. As much as I hate to quote a jerk like PC, his line about Taylor pretty much says it all…”She’s one of those girls whose either really smart or really stupid…” I guess the preview for next week says it all when it seems like her mom is yelling at her about a poor report card. Then there’s Sebastian. Personally, I don’t even think he’s significant enough to discuss. He lacks personality and is liked by girls for his supposed “good looks”. I just don’t see it. 

Like I said, GUILTY PLEASURE. I am not proud by any means that I have gotten hooked on NYC PREP, but it’s summer. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.


Sammy B

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