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Judgement is Overrated

July 16, 2009

We judge people everyday. I don’t like to make generalizations like that, but it’s true. We’ve all judged people at one time or another in our lives. Even if you don’t outwardly express your judgement, just thinking it, is judgement enough. The truth of the matter is that every individual in this world is different and that’s where the main source of judgement stems from. I’m not saying you have to like everyone. Of course not. There are celebrities I see on television all the time, and stories I hear about celebrities that give me reason to dislike them…HOWEVER at the same time, that is judgement for I don’t personally know them.

Take Kate Gosseslin for example. After her and her soon to be ex husband Jon were publicly having marital issues, people began writing in magazines, newspapers, blogs, everywhere that it’s Kate’s fault for she yells at Jon and pushes him away yada yada yada…However, how many of those “Kate Bashers” do you think actually personally know the woman? I bet none. And how many of them do you think were habitual “Jon & Kate Plus 8” watchers ? I bet very few. The point I’m trying to make is that I happen to watch the show on a regular basis (another guilty pleasure..I KNOW) and because of that I am pretty confidant that Kate is an exceptional mother and was a loving and caring wife. Yeah..some may say that I sound like a feminist right now, but it’s not that. Trust me. It just depends on the specific situation and in this specific situation, I believe from what I have seen on the reality show that the split up cannot be blamed just on Kate. There are two sides to every story and people should remember that before they pass judgement. 

Take facebook and myspace internet sites. People “stalk” other people’s photographs and personal information to see what they think. Can you truly tell from a photograph what the person is like? Does that list of their favorite television show or movie really give you a true image of the individual? And at the same time, there are people out there who change their facebook photo and status on a daily basis just to impress other people. Why in this day and age do people care so much? Since when did people start caring more about what others thought of them than what they thought of themselves?

The fact of the matter is that the technological advancements in this day and age have pushed us all as individuals to judge people from what we read about them, and the photographs we view of them. Shallow, you think? Shallow is merely an understatement. I’d even say ignorant. People should stop and think before judging.

After all, judgement is overrated.


Sammy B

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