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To bump or not to bump: that is the question…

July 16, 2009

Anyone read this week’s US WEEKLY? Well I did and I saw something that I find very disturbing. Okay, maybe “very disturbing” is a little dramatic, but unattractive to say the least. Nicole Richie sporting a bikini in her third trimester. Now unlike some, I happen to be a Richie fan. I respect her. I think she has overcome a fair share of issues and seems to have gotten her life together after all. So this is not a personal attack on her, just on pregnant woman, showing off their very developed baby bump. There are so many adorable maternity clothes out there…Why not stick to them? I mean, that is what they are made for. I think it’s a lot more tasteful and additionally, it seems like an overall more comfortable path to take. Now if you hate my “not to bump” suggestion, ignore it.  GO FOR IT, show your bump. I am not judging. Everyone has their own fashion sense and comfort zone. I am simply sharing some honest advice for  future mothers out there. Another way to look at it, is that  it’s a 9-month excuse to be comfortable all day everyday. Take advantage! And for those of you who define comfort as wearing a bikini with your bump out in the open, enjoy that as well. We’re all different. That’s what makes the world go round.


Sammy B

Sammy B

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