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A Poem for the sheep

July 19, 2009

I write this request because honestly, I am just so sick and tired of the so‐called b
For years in school all I’ve been hearing is analytic essay this
and what did the author mean by that?
But ‐‐what about me? What about us? Why is it that whenever our minds come up
with new ideas we have to refer back to those that came before? I am here to open a
new door. It starts with me begging for modernity stemming from the insanity coming from
the professors mouths about the fact that we even have to go back.
Shakespeare and Greek mythology is great but what year is it? It’s 2000 and way too
late.  History and literature repeats itself and yes, this I do know. But if we don’t get to be
creative and expand and write about things that are fresh and new…how can we
ever expect to grow? I want to be different, witty clever and swift With words as my kite up I want to lift. To soar through books and pages yet to be known…diction, syntax, innovative literature creates my writing tone
I don’t need to read ununderstandable plays, im still high in the sky writing for days
15th, 16th, 17th century literature was genius I believe this but for me personally I
just cannot relate. So I am asking all young minds to congregate. Do you really want
to mimic what all these past writers have got? No. you all need to stand up and be
original and give it a shot—because otherwise you’ll spend the rest of your lives
trying to explain this other guy’s plot.No way will I ever copy. That kind of work is just plain sloppy. Seriously if my
teachers want me to get ahead, they have to stop thinking of what came before.I will be my own musician writing master, I will conquer paper and write my own original literature score.  I am not saying I am the best. I am just saying that its time for us to wake up to a new challenge. The kind of challenge where I don’t need to quote someone else to back up a point I’m making. I want to be the author, the first, a modern prose‐giving, text‐sharing…use words as the wind beneath my writing kite—words out there for the taking. Is it so much to ask? Ask me to start anew, fresh, write something that hasn’t been
said prior. Teaching this new kind of inventiveness, I stand before you not just as a teacher but think of this, of me, as a sort of writing preacher. The jist of what I’m sayin’ is that we’re never told to be the tellers of our own stories
We mock and parrot writers of earlier periods and they end up with all the glory When will the time come where the students are asked to come up with a story untold. Not just a thesis based off of something we’ve heard or read, but writing that’s entirely pioneered by the fresh minds of today—something bold, that’ll get people hooked and sold.
All I want is for students to rise up. I, right now am practicing what I am preaching out on a limb here to take a forward‐thinking chance, that maybe somewhere out there a professor will hear me and be encouraged to make each and every one of the words you’re all trying to write, float up with my writing kite, and dance.

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