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A long road back

July 23, 2009

I was just listening to Peyton Manning on Mike and Mike in the morning.  Mike Greenberg asked Peyton how hard it will be for Michael Vick to come back from a 2 year absence in the National Football League.  Manning stated that when he had his offseason knee surgery prior to last season and missed six weeks, it took him about half the seasons to get back to his old self.  Peyton Manning is obviously nowhere near the athlete that Michael Vick was a couple years ago.  Throw the physical attributes aside, the hardest part of being a quarterback is having the mentality.  There is no doubt that Vick will get an opportunity at some point down the road to start again in the NFL.  However, it will just like him being a rookie all over again.  Before the dog fighting incident, the Falcons developed their playbook around #7 and his God gifted athleticism.  Wherever Vick ends up in the next few weeks, he is going to have to adapt his style to the formality of the team that he joins.  In his career, Vick had success winning ball games, but he only completed the ball 53% of the time.  His feet used to get him out of a lot of trouble on the field.  Will that athleticism still be there after a 2 year hiatus?  NFL nation eagerly awaits what will happen with the former poster child for versatility, agility, and speed.  One thing is for sure, Vick will be on a short leash, and the opportunity that arises for him, he must take full advantage of.  



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