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The Best only know the best

July 30, 2009

For the first time in four years Michael Phelps lost a major race.  He failed to acknowledge the winner after the race, and stepped off the podium before the medal ceremony was completed.  However, the major issue that arose after Phelps loss was not his sportsmanship, it was the buoyant bodysuits.  The unknown German, Paul Biedermann was wearing one of the controversial swimsuits, and Phelps was not.  Phelps resorts to his LZR Racer, a less buoyant ‘fast skin’ made by Speedo.  The official ban of the polyurethane suits probably won’t happen until next spring.  Phelps is still confident he can win in his Speedo, as he set the world record yesterday in the 200m butterfly.  This was a great way of redeeming himself from the shocking loss the day before.  

             Touching upon the sportsmanship aspect, it is hard for the best athletes in the world to be good sports when they lose.  They are so competitive and so used to winning, that losing becomes unacceptable.  From an early age they are taught that they have to win, and this is taken to the heart.  Regardless, this is no excuse for portraying bad sportsmanship in front of millions of fans.  Michael Phelps is a role model to many young children, and by him displaying no gratitude after losing, it puts a damper on how kids will act.



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