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Phelps returns to dominance

August 2, 2009

Michael Phelps became the first swimmer ever to break 50 seconds in the 100 meter world butterfly competition by taking down arch rival Milorad Cavic in 49.82 seconds. Cavic broke 50 seconds as well, but his 49.95 was not enough.  Last summer in Beijing Phelps beat Cavic by nine hundredths of a second in a classic finish.  Heading into Rome, Cavic was claiming that he had won that race at Beijing, but photographic evidence clearly proves that Phelps touched the wall first.  Michael Phelps did his talking in the pool today, and Cavic’s best shot wasn’t enough.  Wearing his regular speedo bathing suit, Phelps showed yet again why he is the best in the world.  He shows up for all the big ones, he is the Michael Jordan of swimming, or the Tiger Woods, whatever you want to call him.  Or maybe, he is just Michael Phelps, a guy that I am still convinced is half dolphin.  Phelps is at the top of his game in his respective sport. 

           We are in a great era for sports at this moment.  The steroids in baseball overshadows Roger Federer, Tiger Woods, and Michael Phelps.  How often do you see the best player of all time playing right in front of your eyes?  Who knows if there will ever be players this dominant again?  Over time I am sure there will be some “one of a kind” athletes, but for our generation this is something to cherish.  Michael Phelps joined the elite group after he won 8 olympic gold medals at last summer’s olympics in Beijing, breaking Mark Spitz record of 7 at the 1972 olympic games at Munich.  When there is so much negative publicity on athletes these days, at least we see some decency in another American champ staying at the top of the mountain.



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