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Enough with the steroids

August 3, 2009

Being a New York Yankees fan, I have always detested the Boston Red Sox, and my attitude will never change in regards to the team that resides in Massachusetts.  When I heard David Ortiz was linked to steroids in 2003, I was not surprised.  Ortiz was one of my first suspects for steroids use based on his mediocre to great leap when he left the Twins for Boston.  As much as I salvage at the thought of the Red Sox World Series wins being frauds, this is just another dent in a too beat up MLB.  Ortiz was one of the good guys remaining, and they are beginning to fall like dominos.  I now have more respect than ever for Ken Griffey Jr. who barring injuries could have broken Hank Aaron’s records without steroids.  His injury plagued seasons over the last few years have been unlucky, but not steroid induced.  Griffey has always had the most natural home run swing, and that is not something that an injection can teach.  Derek Jeter is another guy that you have to tip your cap to at the end of the day.  From the get go, Jeter substituted power for average, and that mentality is what will make him a first ballot hall of famer.  As far as we know, Griffey and Jeter are clean, and there are a handle more feel good stories out there.  The biggest wonder is Albert Pujols.  He is in the running for the triple crown this year, and if he stays healthy over the next decade, he will have a great chance at beating Hank Aaron’s record.  Notice how I say Aaron’s record, because Bonds took steroids and I am trying to be fair to all generations here.  Albert Pujols is a beast of a human being, but he has always been this big.  In this country you are innocent until proven guilty, so right now all eyes are on Pujols.  Ryan Howard is another home run hitter who has a big frame.  I would not be surprised if he is clean, because he came into the league in the midst of the steroids scandal.  Hopefully all this media hoopla surrounding the juice will lead to a cleaner game from here on out.  Regardless, I am sick of hearing about more players coming on this list.  Put everything on the table at once and get it over with.



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