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The Boston Sweep Party

August 10, 2009

All the talk about the Yankees not being able to beat the Red Sox can now be thrown out the window.  The Red Sox came into New York four days ago, down 2 and a half games to the Yanks, and holding an 8-0 record against the Bronx Bombers.  What four days can do to a team’s morale.  The Yankees swept Boston and increased their lead in the AL East to 6 and a half games.  The two teams will meet for two more series this year, but it is obvious that the Red Sox are overmatched.  The Yankees offseason acquisitions of Mark Texiera, CC Sabathia, and AJ Burnett, all portrayed to Red Sox nation why they got paid the big bucks to come to the Big Apple.  The Red Sox couldn’t get a hit for the life of them, and the Yankees looked like a fune tuned machine.  There is a long way to go before playoff time, and I am by no means writing off the Red Sox chances of winning the division.  However, with the way that the Yankees have been pitching the ball, combined with that tenacious lineup, Girardi and Co could be on their way to the Yankees 27th World Series trophy.


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