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Kobe Bryant versus Michael Jordan

May 30, 2010

I grew up a diehard Michael Jordan Fan.  Although I grew up in NJ, my entire mom’s side of the family lives in the chicago area, and my uncle used to take me to Chicago Bulls games all the time.  As a ten year old kid, how can you not root for MJ once you see him play in person?  He is by far my favorite sports figure of all time.  He was the first athlete in my opinion to erase the color barrier completely in sports.  He became more of a national symbol, and that is why I have always been a huge fan.  In my mind he is heads and shoulders above the rest, and definitely the best basketball player of all time.

Kobe Bryant has had an illustrious career up to this point.  Last year he won his 4th NBA championship (1st without Shaq), and he is 5 wins away from winning his 5th.  MJ won 6, and I have always been told that the numbers tell the truth.  So lets break down Kobe and MJ, to a tee.


Games Played: 1,021, PPG: 25.3 FG%: 45.5%, 3PT%: 34%, FT%: 83.8%, RPG: 5.3, APG: 4.7, SPG: 1.5, BPG:0.6, TO: 2.92

NBA TITLES: 4 NBA FINALS MVP: 1  NBA MVP: 1    12 time NBA All Star       2 time NBA scoring champion

8 time NBA all first team       8 time NBA all defense        3 time NBA All star MVP


Games Played:  PPG 30.1  FG%: 49.7 %, 3PT%: 32.7 %, FT%: 83.5 %, RPG 6.2 , APG 5.3 , SPG 2.35 , BPG .83,  TO: 2.73

NBA TITLES: 6NBA FINALS MVP: 5 time NBA MVP:    14 time NBA All Star        time NBA scoring champion

10 time NBA all first team       9 time 1st team all NBA all defense         time NBA All star MVP

1 Defensive Player of the Year

On 7 of the 9 statistical categories Michael Jordan holds the edge over Kobe.  MJ has averaged 4.8 more points per game than Kobe throughout their careers.  Has a 4% higher FG %, 1 more rebound, and .5 more assists than Kobe on average.  MJ has won 6 NBA titles to Kobe’s 4.  That comes along with 6 NBA FINAL MVPS to Kobe’s 1, 5 NBA MVP to Kobe’s 1.   Kobe Bryant is definitely a top 5 player of all time, but he will never be Michael Jordan.  I realize that Jordan played in a different era, but I find it hard to believe that he wouldn’t find a way to pull the same magic if he played in his prime during present day.  Thats all hypothetical, but its a shame that Kobe has to be compared to Michael Jordan.  Kobe will be as close to MJ as anybody ever can get.  MJ was more than an NBA player, and that is apparent in Kobe’s style of play which is very similar to Jordan’s was.

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