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Give him the perfect game

June 7, 2010

I have never liked Bud Selig.  My mom was great friends with his daughter growing up and she said Bud is actually a great guy.  Regardless, his decision making as the commissioner of the MLB is pathetic to say the least.  The latest portrayal of his ignorance to the right decision?  Detroit Tigers, Armando Galarraga pitched a perfect game.  Unfortunately, human error came into play, and somehow, Jim Joyce, a seasoned veteran umpire missed a call.  Galarraga touched first base at least a half a step in front of the runner, but he was called out.  There is no replay yet instilled in baseball which also doesn’t make sense.  I am not here to go on a rant about instant replay in baseball.  Why couldn’t Bud Selig give Galarraga the perfect game?  Being his call to make, he claimed that the human error is part of baseball that has to come into play.  Right after saying that however, he stated that it is time to look into instant replay.  I think it is time for Selig to take a hike.

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