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Transition time

January 31, 2011

I am coming closer to making the decision on where to live next year.  Denver has become the front runner.  The idea of launching a city is too intriguing for me to pass up.  Its also time for me to change my day to day lifestyle.  Denver seems to be the perfect fit for me to transition into from Bloomington.  300 sunny days a year, skiing and snowboarding in the winter (even though I haven’t gone in 10 years), hiking in the fall, spring and summer.  White water rafting, great night life, only 1000 miles from Cali, and not even a two hour flight to Vegas baby!

In all seriousness, I have weighed the pros and cons of moving to Denver, and I am finally reaching the point in which I can be satisfied with the decision.  I am fortune to be in a position at 24 years old to have the flexibility and luxury of choosing my next step in life.  This menu business has consumed a major part of my day to day life for the past six years, but looking back, I really don’t regret it.  I am fully ready to embrace the challenge of taking the city of Denver head on and making it my home for at least the next couple years of my life.  I appreciate all of you that have provided me support revolving around this crucial point in my life.

I look at these next four months in Bloomington as a time to fully transition into a mature adult.  My goal is to alleviate as many vices as possible in my day to day life.  Optimizing my time, and being on a great routine is a top priority, and always has and will be for me.  I am about to go back to square one and its time to really get my shit together!  Sunday’s are always great for self reflection and really analyzing life…I am excited for what lies ahead, goodnight all.

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