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Glad this one is over…

February 2, 2011

February didn’t get off to the smoothest start for me.  I always head into the first day of every month with a very optimistic outlook.  A clean slate if you will…. Waking up at 7am to drilling right outside my window was a great alarm clock.  After staring at the ceiling for a few minutes and not being able to deal with the constant pounding on my walls I hopped in the shower, where I always seem to do my best thinking.  Lately I have felt as though there have been large boulders placed on my shoulders.  So many life altering decisions to make, but there are so many short term distractions/interruptions.  My top priority with my business is customer service. I realize that without the customer I would not be in business, so I always take “the customer is always right” approach.  Cold, rainy and snowy days are great for online ordering.  Nobody goes to class and whoever isn’t out at the bar getting wasted is usually home ordering food.  However, the culmination of tons of volume for restaurants with deliveries, and icy roads leads to a boatload of problems.  Customers had it in for me today from the get go.  Some restaurants took over 2 hours to deliver food today which is completely unacceptable from a customer’s point of view.  Unfortunately, it is impossible to get deliveries out in a timely fashion in Bloomington, Indiana when the weather is bad.  The way that this town is laid out completely prevents a lot of restaurants from being able to deliver food under an hour.  Many of our customers and people in general are under the misconception that Btownmenus delivers the food.  This isn’t the case at all, and it becomes frustrating when customers blame us when their food takes a long time to arrive.  I know what its like to be starving and grouchy after not receiving food that you ordered two hours prior.  Trust me, I’ve been there plenty of times.  Whether I have called a restaurant or ordered online, its going to randomly happen either way.   Regardless, it upsets me when a customer has a bad experience on Btownmenus.  That really hits home for me, because I know how detrimental bad word of mouth can be for a brand.  However, I don’t like people to look at Btownmenus as just a brand.  I want an individual to look at us as peers, colleagues, somebody there to help.  I give a lot of credit to customer service reps who field phone calls 10-12 hours a day and listen to people yap away about a problem.  I got bitched out by a couple customers through nasty emails and a couple phone calls, but hey I guess it comes with the territory.  As I get older I have become accustomed to realizing that it really is impossible to make every person that you come across, happy.  Hopefully I’ll wake up on the right side of the bed tomorrow… A little sun and above 20 degrees would help.

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