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The transition begins

February 5, 2011

After much thought, and many sleepless nights filled with tons of tossing and turning, I have decided on Denver as the next stop in my journey.  There are times in life in which you know it is time for a change, and I think that this one will be for the best.  I will be twenty-five years old in July, and as much as I detest the thought of caring about age, numbers keep things in perspective.  You only live through your 20s for a decade, and those ten years fly by.  I have another four to five years of  “the daily grind” left in me.  I am going to go on Birthright in June, followed by a ten day vacation on a beach somewhere tropical.  Those three weeks will give me time to clear my head and ease into my transition to the Mile High City.

I realize that launching the city of Denver as a menu guide and turning it into a success is a very tough challenge.  Tons of competition, a market of 2 million people, moving to a place that I have never spent more then a couple nights in… There are a lot of cards that are stacked against me, but that is just how I want it.  I love being in the role of the underdog when nobody expects anything from me.  When Btownmenus first launched, 95% of my peers thought I would fail and fall flat on my face.  Most of them didn’t blatantly come out and say that, but I could read it on their faces.  You can’t buy confidence, curiosity, and passion, and those are three traits that I possess at all times.  This next chapter in my life is very intriguing, as these next few years will most likely shape up how the rest of my business career will pan out.  30 years old is that magic number in which I have promised myself that I will walk off into the sunset and switch up gears.  At that point I can solely dedicate my time to writing books, screenplays, and reading at will.  Living on a beach with a balcony overlooking the ocean is an absolute must for me.  Those dreams can become a reality if I just buckle down and take care of business over the next five years in Denver.

Both of my brothers will be living in Boulder, and its inevitable that my parents will soon follow.  Having my family nearby will definitely make the transition to the Rocky Mountains a lot easier.  I feel as though I have an obligation to my family as the oldest son to grab the reigns and lead the way.  I can’t stand “what if” scenarios, so there won’t be any once I make this move.  I am going to do give it my all and literally work harder than I have ever worked before.  Being in the prime of my life and being presented with an amazing opportunity that rarely arises is something that I can’t take for granted.  I am sure that I will reflect back on this decision years from now.  I’ll be able to sleep at night knowing that I made the right choice in moving to Denver.  Thinking about the new relationships I will form, things I will experience, and knowledge I will gain is all invaluable.  You can’t put a price on hands on learning.  I have nothing to lose with this venture, and the world to gain.  As I always like to say, what is the worst that can happen?

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  1. Downtown permalink
    February 5, 2011 4:36 pm

    Mikey rolls, mile high

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