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Patience is a virtue

February 10, 2011

“patience is a virtue” is the value in what patience brings.  A virtue is a trait or quality deemed to be morally excellent and therefore is valued as a foundation of principle and good moral being.  As a little kid its nearly impossible to contain any type of patience regarding pretty much anything and everybody.  Children are very energetic and expect things to happen for them in a snap of a finger.   As time has gone on throughout history, we have endured a major transformation(to give an analogy for you TV lovers).  Starting with “The Flinstones” (Stone age), when things moved as fast as your feet would take you, we are on our way towards meeting George Jetson when everything is moving a million miles a second(Automatic/Systematic-Machine run society).   Based on this, our patience as individuals is being tested time and time again through advertisement clutter, and social networking.  We have to weed out so many messages, and our brains are being rewired in the process to be able to cope with the constant exposure to “sound pollution” (Loud noise or in this case advertisements in which one’s thought processes are interrupted on an consistent basis)  At this point, patience revolves a lot around self-control and self-discipline.  When your father took you fishing for the first time and you anxiously waited for that bobber to go under the water, how often did you jolt that fishing rod out of the water when there was a slight movement in the water?  That trout never got hooked because you lacked the true virtue in what patience leads to.  “Are we there yet” is a common nagging phrase that we all remember using to annoy our parents countless times on long car rides.  The more often that phrase would come out of our young mouths, the longer the ride seemed to drag on, and the car ride became that much more irritating and hostile.

Being on this earth for almost a quarter century now I must have heard the phrase “Patience is a virtue” at least one thousand times.  I admit that at times in the past I have not been the most patient person revolving certain personal and business manners.  I truly believe that I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel with the true virtue in having patience.  From a personal relationship point of view, if you feel as though you have met somebody who meshes well and has high compatibility with you, is patience always a virtue? There is a fine line between patience and letting the moment pass you by.  I feel as though I fully grasp patience being a virtue when it revolves around business decisions.  When dealing with intimate relationships, once already involved with somebody it is definitely important to possess a patience trait.  Everybody goes through their bumps in the road, but at the end of the day, my real question remains: What if?  What is the timeframe in which patience is no longer a virtue and you must take an initiative and spill the beans?  Or will patience pay off like it does in all other aspects in life?  This is quite a predicament that I have found myself in quite frequently over the  past few months.  Mastering the business end of patience, as well as the interpersonal relationships and how much of a virtue both bring has been a vital part of the growth of my family business thus far.  When push comes to shove, true happiness can only be achieved through a well balanced life.  I am hoping that my patience with business over the past few years and heading forward, as well as my patience with certain intimate encounters that I would like to be involved with in the near future will blossom and the true value of “Patience is a virtue” will finally be grasped by me before the age of 25!

Summing everything up, I believe that “Patience is a virtue” is so widely accepted in society as a whole, because without patience we cannot achieve happiness, and inner peace.  For me, I won’t let there be any more what if’s… if I have to bite the bullet for letting a golden opportunity slip away, that is something that will be tough to forget.  You can only have so much patience for somebody that you genuinely care about.  You want what is best for them, and they don’t realize how well you know them, and you wish that they knew how much happiness you can bring them if given that chance.  How much longer will “Patience be a virtue” for me in my remaining time in Bloomington?  I will leave with no regrets, and that is only feasible if “they” give me that one opportunity to fulfill their life with happiness.  “Patience is a virtue”, but what’s wrong with rolling the dice every now and then? Hey you never know, I might hit snake eyes!  To be continued….

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