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Finding that happy medium

February 14, 2011

I am approaching the next few months of my life as though I am in a laboratory conducting a bunch of experiments.  The invisible white lab coat will be prevalent at all times.  That happy medium, the perfect balance, an inner peace if you will, is what I am after. Our minds are our greatest tool, and being able to construct the perfect formula for consistent happiness is what everybody strives for.  This could be a daunting task at times, because we all have to endure many obstacles that distract us from staying on the right track.  What I love about life is that nobody can gaze into a looking glass and see their future.  There have been numerous occasions in which I have preached about how much I would enjoy being able to see what is ahead.  There is no adventure or fun in knowing what is ahead.  As humans we tend to fall into our comfort zones and routines.  Whether revolving around eating the same food, going on vacations to the same places, and/or getting a job and keeping it just because that is what everybody else does.  Who knows what the right track or path is for me or for you? Instead of fearing the unknown, why not embrace it with open arms?  I get bored very easily when I do the same things over and over again.  So this happy medium that I resort back to revolves around heading into any situation in life with an open mind, and the self confidence in knowing that you are true to yourself.

You enjoy reading a lot?  Allocate an hour a day to sit down and pick up a book, or even go to your local library or a bookstore.  I have a hard time sitting still for long periods of time, but reading is one of the things that soothes me, and puts brakes on my car that never stops.  Working out is a great way to get into a well balanced life style.  The first thing I do in the morning when I wake up is head out for a run and/or to the gym.  Getting those endorphins running through your body  energizes you and helps optimize the way you approach the entire day ahead.  Lately, I have been trying to experience as much as possible.  Trying out stand up comedy made me realize that I really enjoy speaking in front of audiences (especially if I can make them laugh).  Hot yoga helped me come to terms with how to “shut down my mind for an hour a day”, and really has transformed me into becoming more relaxed on a day to day basis.  (At least I think so).

The underlying theme that I am trying to portray here is that you might as well give things a shot.  Overall, I consider myself to be a relatively content person.  However, whenever I am depressed it is usually because I am doing too much thinking and not enough experiencing.  Do you ever feel good when you are sitting around on the couch all day, watching tv, eating ice cream, and reflecting on the past?  Get out there, try new foods, pick up a new hobby, spend time on developing meaningful relationships.  This will correlate to approaching scenarios with the glass half full or maybe the glass will be overflowing!   Look in the mirror and smile and you will immediately begin to feel a sense of euphoria.  Get in the habit of trying to genuinely smile at least once every hour.  Eventually, smiling will be a natural part of your life and you will be a lot happier.  Focus on the now, and don’t worry about the future, or dwell on the past, I promise it will work out.  We are our own worst enemies, but we can also be our own best friends.  Hey, its the wee hours of monday morning, lets have a great start to the week!  I am going to practice what I am preaching, and keep everybody posted on finding that ultimate feeling of bliss that we all desire, that happy medium.

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