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Time to play the game….

February 19, 2011

There is a calmness that overcame me when I awoke this morning.  I read in the book “Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs” (I highly recommend it) that everyday, for the first thirty minutes that you are awake, its as though you were reborn.  That refreshing feeling just like after a long run followed by a hot shower.  That euphoric sensation has stuck with me throughout the day.  The 60 degrees and sun was obviously part of the equation.  I also figured out my living situation in Denver.  I will be moving in on July 1st into a loft that is downtown, about four blocks from Coors Field.  Elation doesn’t even justify the way that I am beginning to feel.  I have convinced myself that the Denver market will be deemed a major success after I make a footprint out there for 4-5 years.  I am going to enjoy my remaining few months in Bloomington.  This reminds me of the months leading up to high school and college graduation in which I just let the good times roll.

The transformation from being in a college town, into a city is going to be a major breath of fresh air for me.  Lately I have felt suffocated in my environment and most of it revolves around growing restless of being in Bloomington for six and a half years.   I am interested to see how I look back at this stage in my life.  There have been a lot of highs, a few lows, and some scratches along the way.  You live and you learn, and we all have and will continue to make some mistakes here and there.  I always seem to be at my best when I have to rise to the occasion…this ain’t no five minute stand up comedy act I’m heading after!  Time to play the game!

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