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The Hiatus begins

February 20, 2011

After ending  last night taking a few laps around Kilroys Sports for what seemed to be the five thousandth time, when the clock struck 3am, I realized its time to take a hiatus.  The whole going out to the bars just to do it isn’t going to cut it for me heading forward.  I don’t even enjoy the taste of liquor.  There is absolutely zero gratification gained from me spending my nights out on the town partying and drinking. During college it was always fun to hook up with a random girl and then have crazy stories to go over with my buddies the next day.  Those days are long gone, those buddies left town almost three years ago and at this point the entire bar scene here makes me think that I am in the movie “Groundhogs Day”.  The same exact songs coming on at the same times at each bar.  The consistent 4-5 girls that spark zero interest always hovering around me like vultures waiting for a rodent to keel over out in a desert.  Its become comical to me after all these years, and last night, call it an epiphany, a sign of maturity, or whatever you want, but its time for a change.  Nothing good can possibly come out of indulging myself in counterproductive activities, especially those that involve abusing the body.  I know that this will take a lot of will power, self control, and tons of discipline, but I have already committed to myself that it is time.  I will still occasionally go out to the bars here before I head out to the Mile High City.  However, I will be doing it stone cold sober.  Observing everybody while I am not in the slight bit incoherent will be a breath of fresh air, and very fascinating.  I have always enjoyed people watching, and observing their reactions in certain situations.

Of course its important to have an active social life, and when I move to Denver I will make it a point to go out a lot to meet a lot of new people.  However, the drinking has to come to a halt.  Not only is it a waste of money, alcohol poisons the body, and the hangovers are never fun.  My instincts are usually very good about things, and something inside of me is saying that its time to stop all this nonsense.  The hiatus begins right now, its time to grow up.  I am still not sure what my overall goal is in life, but in order for me to achieve optimal happiness, I must not have any detrimental vices as I transition into the next stage.  Time to go cold turkey from drugs and alcohol completely.  No distractions, its time to really live life to the fullest.  Carpe Diem!

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