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February 27, 2011

I have been approaching every waking second with that fire mentality which helped me launch a business six and a half years ago.  If there is any type of situation in which a “what if” or “I should have done that” pops up in my head than I am clearly not working hard enough.  Yesterday I got engulfed with figuring out EAT CHEAP specials for this upcoming midterms week, and calling customers to ensure nobody was disgrunted. (Had a couple people curse me out, but its all part of the game)  I also sold a couple new advertisements to restaurants, and really began to crack down on market research in Denver, my future stomping grounds.

The best feeling in the world is being on that nonstop grind and not having a care in the world about the day, time, or meaningless distractions.  That isn’t meant to come across as selfish or greedy by any means.  I care very much about other individuals and their needs in this world.  If somebody close to me is in any type of dire situation, I will  stop whatever I am doing on a whim and be by their side.  In saying this, it is only fair to everybody that knows me well for me to KEEP ON COMING ON!

Everything in life is about balance, cycles, and moderation.  Weekends were ever so coveted during my childhood and teenage years.  I will never forget those days down at the culdsesac playing roller hockey until the batteries in the boom box died, and/or the wheels on our roller blades were no longer usable for skating.  Begging my parents to let friends sleep over was my first experience with sales, as funny as that sounds.  One time in sixth grade the only way I would be allowed to have my buddy Matt spend the night was if we cleaned my entire garage.  After that it still took about an hour or two of me nagging my parents until they finally relented.  I never fully grasped why my parents always made sleepovers seem like a chore to me, that is until I realized they both worked extremely long hours during the week, and by the weekend, relaxation was their top priority.  Good luck with that mom and dad, relaxation goes out the door when you have three children.

My parents really helped teach me what work ethic was all about.  The vent to their bathroom was connected to my bedroom and I used to hear my dad taking a shower every weekday morning at 4:15am.  Being an international sales trader in New York City, he had to arrive at his office by 6am so he could see what was going on with the market overseas.  (London is six hours ahead of NYC, so 6am in NY is 12pm in London).  I used to think to myself that my dad must be crazy leaving the house before 5am everyday.  He sometimes wouldn’t come home until after midnight.   However, he was laying down the foundation for my family and showing my brothers and I what it takes to be successful.  My mother soon followed suit as she was up by 5am.  She somehow balanced the arduous task of being a full-time working mom and always being there for me and my brothers.  A lot of her friends played tennis and got manicures and massages all day, but not Cathy Rolland.  She took pride in helping support the family, and luckily her job was less than ten minutes from our house, so she was always accessible.  Whether it was making us breakfast before school, dropping one of us off at hockey practice, another at a guitar lesson, and a third at a play date, my mom was and still is superwoman.

I think I know where my unlimited energy comes from, and the only way I can thank my parents for how they raised me is by following in their footsteps with that hard work ethic mentality.  I am the oldest child in our immediate and extended family.  If I can’t lead the way for my younger brothers and cousins heading forward, than I will have failed as a person.  Everything happens for a reason, and that foundation that my parents built for me will now translate into me building a base for those close to me.  Mom and Dad don’t worry, those relaxing weekends are coming for you sooner than you think.  As for me?  I have never been good at the whole relaxation thing, it makes me think to much.  Don’t get me wrong, I will be spending at least a week or two on a beach somewhere overseas this summer with a book, no phone, and not a care in the world.  This will give me a nice taste of what I yearn for after I go through the next cycle of my life, which will be the most vital.

Good luck in the week ahead, and use today to get organized, as sundays are always great for that!

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