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The 5-6am slot

March 8, 2011

For the past few weeks I keep waking up between 4:45am-5 for about an hour.  Sleep falls upon me once again from 6 until around 7, but for some reason I am always wide awake between 5-6.  There is something soothing about being up at this time.  Total silence surrounds me without a hint of light anywhere within a cry or a yell.  This used to be the time that my dad would wake my brother and I up for our ice hockey games when we were little kids.  During high school I would always set my alarm for 6am which gave me a nice 30 minute buffer zone in which I could actually become alert.  I never understood why elementary school started around 9, middle school around 8, and high school around 7.  Don’t adolescents need their sleep too? I was always scolded when I wasn’t writing out numbers, but at this time of day writing out seven instead of just plopping a 7 down seems daunting.  There is a reason for everything, and me being up before the crack of dawn could represent many different things.  Maybe its just that child within me trying to stick around here and there.  I’ll browse some websites, whip out a book occasionally, and then put on some Pink Floyd or Radiohead as I dose back into a sleepy haze for another hour or so.  By around 7 am my stomach is rumbling with hunger, and my mind begins to race, as I get ready for the day ahead.  The 5-6am slot is a nice calm before the storm, and as long as I keep waking up during this timeframe, I might as well embrace it.

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