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I have finally arrived in the Mile High City

April 1, 2011

After spending a few days in Colorado I am very excited for my move to Denver in July.  The people out here are all very laid back and friendly, but in the same sense things are still done in an efficient manner at a normal pace.  300 days of sun a year?  I will take it!  No more of those long Bloomington winters.  The transition mode has already started for me, and by the time I get back to Bloomington on Wednesday, I will already have an apartment lined up to sign a lease on in Denver.  I have a two month grind ahead of me in Btown until my birthright trip in mid june.  Israel will be a perfect calm before the storm, and once I return to the states I will be ready to conquer the city of Denver!  That childish excitement is back, I am feeling the butterflies like its the night before a huge hockey game.  The insomnia that I have to deal with on a daily basis, at this point I have embraced.  When I can’t sleep I just read and write until rest finally finds my eyes.  If I only sleep three to four hours at night I will randomly take two fifteen-twenty minute naps during the early and late afternoon.  My mind has been racing in a great way, things are really beginning to click since my 10 day hiatus to Las Vegas.  Some words of wisdom…never stay in Vegas more than four nights.  I must have been out of my mind thinking that Vegas for ten days would be a good idea.  I don’t think I will be going back for at least two to three years.  I am starting to think I should change professions and become a plastic surgeon, move to Vegas and make a killing. At least  8 out of 10 girls out there either have had breast implants and/or some other type of major plastic surgery.  The fake smiles is really what cracks me up.  I always find it very amusing to try and pick apart the women that aren’t actually prostitutes.  They call Las Vegas, Sin City for a reason.  This is not somewhere you can go very often because you are sucked out of reality.  Time is never a factor there, and if you look out the windows of hotels it always looks gray.  (The hotel wants you gambling in their casino, and the portrayal of bad weather through the windows convinces people to stay in and gamble instead of going out and laying in the sun.  After watching enough college basketball to make anybody sick to their stomach, I am convinced that the majority of sporting events are rigged in some way.  There were way too many crazy scenarios revolving around spreads in different games that couldn’t have been coincidences.  I am not going to get into this at this point because the thought just enrages me.  My childhood innocence culminated with the ignorance to the truth was definitely a blessing when pertaining to sports.  I was a diehard sports fan growing up, and I refused to believe that sport was just entertainment and a business.  Its 2011, and I know that the color green is the only thing that keeps all these teams rolling.  As much as I loved watching sports growing up, as of late, (minus that college basketball splurge for a week) I haven’t been watching TV at all.  Reading and writing helps clear my head, and TV does the exact opposite.   So after leaving Vegas on sunday, my brother, his friend John, and I made the 12 hour drive back to Boulder, Colorado.  We hit a blizzard about nine hours in, and this didn’t shock me.  For some odd reason, I have a history of being involved in tons of blizzards.  When it comes to roadtrips, I highly recommend not getting on one with me, that is unless you want the adventure of a lifetime!  In all seriousness, the last five roadtrips I have been on have all left me engulfed in major snow storms.  The ones before that were all major thunderstorms.  I look back and find it funny because luckily I have avoided getting in any bad accidents, and my friends and I have all been left pretty much unscratched, knock on wood.  Actually no need for that, that whole superstition thing, is just that, a superstition.  Life is full of a bunch of randomness that leads to coincidences after awhile.  My dad and youngest brother are about to land in Denver, and my mom will be here monday for a couple days.  I am happy to be around the family for a few days, and I am ready for the journey ahead, whatever it may behold…

Colorado is my kind of state.  The constant view of mountains in the horizon is soothing, and the fresh air is refreshing.  Every person that I have an encountered is very friendly and helpful.  I think marketing in Denver from a personalization standpoint will possibly be even easier than Bloomington!  Don’t get me wrong, the Bloomington community has been more than supportive in helping Btownmenus get to where it has.  However, when I say the Bloomington community I refer to the students, faculty, restaurant owners, and some residents.  The university itself will always be a tough nut to crack when it comes to on campus marketing.  We have gotten involved in Dance Marathon, RECFEST, and any other large student event that we can.  Although expensive, its well worth it for our long term brand identity.

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