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What lies ahead?

May 24, 2011

I doubt I will sleep much tonight, I never usually do the night before traveling.  My flight leaves around 1130 tomorrow morning and arrives in Newark a little after 1pm.  My family and I are heading into NYC for my mom’s birthday tomorrow night.  I am excited to relax back in jersey for a couple weeks.  June 9th I head to LA for 3 days, and then its off to Israel for Birthright for about two weeks.  I am still ironing out my plans for the month of july.  Part of me wants to be down in Austin, Texas helping with some marketing and sales, but I might have an opportunity to intern for an assistant producer out in LA for six weeks.  Once this menu game is all over for me in a few years I plan on focusing the majority of my time on script writing and screen plays.   I am really intrigued by the production end of the spectrum because I know there is so much to learn, and so many different types of production.  For me to become a successful script writer, I have to fully be able to grasp all facets of what I am dealing with.  Just shadowing the guy for a few weeks and taking in everything he says and does like a sponge could be an invaluable experience for me.  I am definitely moving to Denver around August 15th, that much I know for sure.  Ill go back to Btown for the first two weeks in august just to help with the transition with our new management team in place.  There is a lot to digest as I head into the summer of 2011 in which I will be hit stone cold with the fact that I’ve been on this earth for exactly a quarter of a century on July 28th.  I never usually care about my birthday or most holidays, but 25 just seems like a monumental number and really is the crossroads to being an adult.  You know how they have the young adult section at the Barnes and Noble and Borders bookstores?  I always wondered what age group that fell under?  Who knows why that ever crossed my mind, its completely irrelevant, but at this point in my life I don’t think a young adult is something I can be coined  as.  I like to think of myself as a mature adult, but I still have a childlike imagination at times, and I think that is essential in life.  You can never let go of that child within you, it leads to more innovation than you can imagine.  I sit here writing, as Bob Dylan’s “Times they are a changing” plays in the background.  When I was a little kid my dad always used to blast Bob Dylan in the car, and that song always stood out to me. My time in Bloomington has basically come to an end, and only time will tell what will develop over the next few years.  I look at the next five years as the most exciting and important of my life. I’m going to try and have fun along the way.  The last twenty five years have flown by, and I have to really start enjoying the moment.  The times they are a changing….

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