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I feel like I am in a pinball machine

August 29, 2011

This upcoming week is arguably the most important one of my life.  That is the only type of mindset I can have heading forward at all times.  We have about three weeks until we launch  I had a bunch of productive meetings last week and I plan on signing up 20 restaurants this week for online ordering.  Once we have 30-40 between the Denver University area and the downtown area we should be good to go.  After being in Denver for two weeks now I am very confident that we are going to make Milehighmenus a major success.  Dan and I are very excited to get out there and start marketing.

My buddies John and Sean and I are starting a college cleaning company this week.  Throughout my time in college I relied on one woman to always clean my apartment.  During my seven years in Bloomington not once did I see a cleaning service that was marketed to us.  Just like there was a need for Btownmenus when I was a freshmen in 2005, I think there is a large demand for apartments and houses in college towns that need cleaning.  We have hired enough staff in the bloomington, indiana, fort collins, colorado, and boulder, colorado markets.  We are hoping to launch the colorado markets by the end of the week.

On top of this, we are starting Mock testing for the GMAT Tests.  Renting out classrooms in different universities and doing online skype tutoring are mainly what we are going to focus on.  We are hoping that these menu sites will be a great marketing tool will be a major advantage for us to generate buzz very quickly.

We also are helping our buddy with his cake company.  We have set up delivery drivers and menus in our colorado markets and hope to build a solid business up through cake, and flowers delivery.

Sonny Bamboo, the underground hip hop artist that I am a co-manager of is three weeks away from his semi final bout with A-Class.  Its a pay per view event, so we are all very excited!  The winner of this battle championship will be opening up for Immortal Technique on the Middle Passage Tour.  Immortal Technique’s album is coming out within the next couple months. (Its been highly anticipated to come out for years).  The launch party for his album will most likely be in LA.  My buddy that I met on birthright is a dubstep artist and I am helping him out as well.  He is based in LA so I will probably be heading out there for a week or two in october.

I have always had issues sleeping, but it was usually for all the wrong reasons.  Now there is this excitement within me like I am a little kid again.  Things seem to be clicking on all cylinders.

Time to get a few hours of shut eye…big week ahead!

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