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The time has finally come

September 11, 2011

About a week away from launch, I am so eager to begin doing what I truly love, marketing.  Don’t get me wrong, meeting with restaurant owners can be fun at times, but sitting still across the table from somebody for up to an hour if not longer gets to be draining.  The top priority since I stepped foot in the milehigh city has been to sign up restaurants for online ordering on milehighmenus.  What good is marketing if you have no content to push to potential customers?   We should have well over 20 restaurants on our site by the time we launch.

The way Denver is laid out is very similar to LA (just half the size).  There are ten different neighborhoods, and some restaurants delivery to multiple neighborhoods and some don’t.  Dan and I have a challenge on our hands, because this is nothing like what we are used to in a college market. We are extremely amped up to hit the ground running, literally.  Since we are launching a city, I look at this as a personal branding mission.  If people know who my brother and I are, than they will be more likely to use our website.  Beginning a week from monday we will begin participating in numerous activities/hobbies.  The way I see it, if you get involved in something that others are passionate about, and you see those people on a weekly basis consistently, some kind of bond is going to form. For example, if I take a yoga class every monday at 730am, eventually I am going to know everybody in that class, and they are going to know me.  We might not all be best friends, but that is completely fine, as there will be some type of rapport built.  This will be an organic way for us to build the milehighmenus brand throughout the city.  Online marketing will also be crucial, and a lot of that is free (facebook and google + are especially valuable networking tools).  Facebook used to be a lot more lenient allowing people to just add random people to their friend lists.  This is no longer the case as I have been building up a new facebook account out here in Denver.  I have already been blocked on two separate occasions for “spamming” by adding people that I don’t know or who don’t know me.  This problem will be alleviated by me naturally building up my facebook page through people I actually have interactions with.

Btownmenus and Hungrybuffs have become successful due largely in part to our consistent on campus presence.  Based on my time out here so far I have come to terms with the fact that a lot of our marketing is going to have to be done behind closed doors.  There are over ten college/universities around Denver, and of course we will be consistently hitting these campuses.  However, I feel as though our biggest strength lies in these large apartment complexes.  There are dozens if not hundreds of half block and block log apartment buildings that hold anywhere from 200-2000 people.  A lot of Denver consists of young professionals who are tech savvy, so it shouldn’t be that difficult to get individuals using milehighmenus right off the bat.  When I started btownmenus back in August of 2005, online ordering was by no means the norm.  This was just after google had really taken off, and the concept of a mobile app was just that, a concept.  Times have changed, competitors have popped up all over the map, which is actually making me more confident than ever.  I have always been the type of person who thrives when there is some kind of competition.  Keeping me on the edge of my toes at all times, not only does competition make me work harder, but it also lets me know that there is a huge demand for what we are doing.  There are around 3 million people in the Denver area, and they all have to eat somehow.  My brother and I are as ready as we are going to be…lets get this show on the road…the real countdown begins!

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