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Time to fill up this clean slate

September 21, 2011

There is a book sitting in front of me.  I open it up and realize that the first page is completely blank.  As I am flipping through the pages it dawns on me that this entire book is completely blank, or is it?  The book only appears to be blank, as its actually filled with a ton of possibilities.  What is so exciting about moving to a new city, is starting off fresh.  I kind of look at it as getting another pacman life, a do over.  Looking back at my last few years in Bloomington, I am not happy with how things turned out overall.  You live and you learn, and I think the mountain air has been a nice compliment to a refreshing start out here.  My marketing plan begins tomorrow morning with a early hike.  We are technically launching Milehighmenus tomorrow, but the real grind begins in about 10 days when all of our promo items arrive.  Part of my marketing plan revolves around participating in different activities/hobbies (4-5 per week).  So one day I am going to take a yoga class, the next day I am going to try brazilian jiu jitsu, followed by giving another crack at a stand up comedy routine.  Thursdays will be dedicated to a cooking class, and friday will be intramurals (kickball, softball, dodgeball, or maybe hockey?)….What I have learned from social networks, mostly facebook over the past few years, is how valuable building a network is.  Do you ever stop and think about how genuine your network even is?  A lot of my “friends” on facebook I have never even met before.  Along with a clean slate comes a brand new facebook account, and a brand new google + account.  I hope, through all of these different activities that I participate in will lead to me forming bonds and building up small niches.  If I am taking a yoga class every monday, a jiujitsu class every tuesday, etc. I will eventually become friendly with individuals in my classes.  I will be engulfed in their passions and in turn they will give me the time of day and be receptive toward  I look at this as a great opportunity to try things I never have before, develop everlasting relationships, and have a blast while doing it!  After all you only live once, or so they say.

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