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The point of no return

October 2, 2011

630am wakeup

630am-7am browse current events/emails

7am-8am gym

8am-9am  shower, eat breakfast

9am-1030am meetings with restaurant owners

1030am-2pm marketing at Denver University area

2pm-230pm Lunch

230pm-5pm meetings with restaurant owners/marketing in Capitol Hill area (depending on the day of the week)

5pm-6pm Yoga/brazilian jiujitsu/cooking class/intramural sports (depending on the day of the week)

6pm-7pm shower/dinner

7pm-10pm market to downtown Denver area

10pm-midnight Free time

sleep whenever it comes to me….

This will basically be my life in a nutshell on the day to day until Milehighmenus reaches its peak.  My brother and I officially begin marketing tomorrow morning, its the point of no return!

Routines are easy to fall into, whether they are good or bad.  The key ingredients are discipline and time efficiency/management.  You always hear people going off on a rant about how they work 80-100 hour weeks.  You can work all the hours in the world, and not get anything accomplished.  Work hard and smart, and that will allow you to have a well balanced life.  The sky isn’t the limit!

“we are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence then is not an act, but a habit”


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