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The week of firsts

October 16, 2011

I look at every monday as the start of a clean slate, a book with empty pages, a new week.  Many people love the idea of trying new things, but that is usually where it ends.  The concept of changing up a daily routine usually fades away into obscurity for many.  I am a big believer in writing things down to stay accountable for myself.  Once I write something down it has to get accomplished or else there is a constant reminder staring me in the face that I am being lazy.  Change is a tough thing, but it is essential for all of us to make progress as an individual, and as a human race.

The week ahead is going to be exciting because I am stirring things up a bit.  I dabbled in yoga for a bit last year and the only reason I stopped was because of groin injuries.  Being competitive by nature and thinking I can do anything, I would see a girl in front of me in yoga class doing a gumby-like stretch, and me being me tried to do the same stretch, and low and behold…a couple groin pulls later and I was out of the yoga game.  Being on edge is normal for me, and helps me a lot stay focused with work.  However, its good to take the edge off once in awhile, and yoga is that happy medium for me.  Its one hour of the day in which I can clear my head and solely focus on breathing and stretching.  Not to mention its one of the best workouts you can possibly have.  Bikram yoga (hot yoga) is usually my go to.  I love to sweat, and I know that  my workout is a success when I look like I had spent the day at a water park (shirt completely drenched).  Starting tomorrow night I am getting back on a yoga routine.  I am all or nothing with everything I do, and that was part of the problem with my first go around at yoga last year.  Doing yoga 5-6 days a week wasn’t an intelligent move on my part.  Combining this with thinking I could be gumby was a groin pull or two waiting to happen.  This year its going to be all about everything in moderation.  I am going to stick to yoga 2-3 days a week.  This will be a great mental and physical workout, and it will also be great networking for  Part of my marketing plan to get this site really rolling as I have mentioned in a previous post, is participating in daily activities that revolve around activities/hobbies.  My yoga class will have at least 15-20 people in it most likely, and all of these people are going to be very hungry after an hour or hour and a half yoga session.  On top of that, everybody will be sweating and will be relieved when I provide them with an “I heart food” tshirt, and a milehighmenus stadium cup to fill with water at the cooler or fountain right after class!  My yoga class will get to know me eventually, and organically begin to trust the milehighmenus brand more because they see a face behind the name.  That personal touch factor is huge, especially in a big city like Denver.

I am very excited for tuesday night, as I have signed up for my first ever cooking class!  There is a great cooking school that is literally 3 blocks away from my apartment.  The first class will be a taste of india, and I will be learning how to make Naan bread, Tandoori chicken, amongst other things.  I love ethnic foods, and Indian is one of my favorites, so this should be a great experience.  Being a huge foodie, I am great at eating different types of foods, but its time for me to master the cooking end of the spectrum.  I am determined to become a very good cook, and it begins tuesday night at 6.

Wednesday night I am taking a crack at this brazilian jiu jitsu thing.  Self defense is very important, and this will also be a great workout, and great networking for milehighmenus.  I am trying to balance out my life as much as possible with activities that optimize my mental and physical health.

So between the yoga, indian cooking class, and jiu jitsu its going to be a busy and event filled week.

My brother and I are going to be passing out pizza all day at Denver University throughout the week during the day.  At night we are focusing our time on passing out pizzas at large apartment complexes around the downtown area.  Its a very intriguing situation in me eyes, and quite a challenge because we are launching a few sites in one.  The city of Denver is obviously nothing like a college town like bloomington, indiana, but one thing I learned from btown is that everything still has to be done step by step.  Hour by hour, day by day, eventually the base will build.

Sunday is organization day so its time to whip out the mop and turn on the washing machine and dishwasher and get to work!  Enjoy the clean slate tomorrow everybody…until next time.

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  1. October 17, 2011 6:00 pm

    I look at every monday as the start of a clean slate, a book with empty pages, a new week.
    This seems so evident when put in these words, so how have I failed to see Monday in this light until just now?

    Thank you for sharing this, and opening this reader’s eyes to a wonderful new perspective.

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