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Patience my friend

November 14, 2011

Patience my friend…I keep telling myself that.  Day by day, things are starting to fall into the routine that I have been searching for since my move to Denver. The 630am wakeup has become as routine as NFL football on sundays.  I can’t even wake up past 730 anymore (I think being used to eastern time and being 2 hours behind definitely helps).  I have found a good gym with a great yoga studio.  2-3 times a week of Yoga has really gotten me to relax a bit more.  We are starting to get a decent amount of new customers ordering on  Corey has been doing a great job with running Btownmenus on the day to day, as we are heading into the holiday break on a strong note.  I have found my go to sushi and sake restaurant, along with a really cute waitress that works there to sweeten the deal. is starting to make strides, and I am really excited for the growth after new years.  John, Sean, and I have been on the grind really balancing our time between milehighmenus, the cleaning company, and our crushyourtest tutoring company.

I figure if I can help a lot of people, and make money in the process, why not?  There is nothing that I enjoy more than waiting for that bobber to go under.  That big fish is always a hook away.   I think if we stay at it with passion and dedication, as cliche as it sounds, anything is possible.  I am going back to New Jersey for Thanksgiving next week.  I referred to it as Turkey Day for awhile, but I don’t even like turkey so that’s off the table.  Being with the family, and being stuffed to the brim with stuffing, pumpkin pie, and whatever else is thrown my way will be fun.

One more week of the grind before Thanksgiving gives me a few days to breathe, and be a couch potato for a few days.  Enjoy the holiday folks….

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