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Christmas came early this year

December 6, 2011

For those of you that know me personally, you know that I am not a very materialistic person.  I don’t wear any type of jewelry, and it would be hard pressed to find a watch of mine, if I even own one.  For the past year and a half I haven’t even owned a car.  Bloomington, Indiana was the ticket capital of the world.  There were literally people camped out just to wait for that meter to expire.  They paid for an entire fucking gym off of parking tickets.  That was one of the defining factors in me deciding to sell my Hyndai Tiburon.

Being in Denver now, and it being frigid during the winter months, I realized it was time for me to get back in the car game.  I decided on a forest green 2012 4 door Wrangler sport.  Perfect type of vehicle for the mountain terrain, now I am really a mountain boy!  Getting around will be a lot easier now, and with all the promo items and food that I have to always lug around, the wrangler has plenty of trunk space to assist me in my journeys ahead.  The gas mileage sucks, but it does seem like a great roadtrip type of truck.  I plan on taking a lot of trips to Arizona, Cali, and Vegas in the next few months, so this should do the trick.

So after getting my mode of transportation all ironed out, I decided it was time to get my food situation mapped out.  When I say food situation, I am referring to the biggest problem that I run into everyday.  I am a foodie for life, and take my food very seriously.  The biggest issue I run into every day is not what to wear, or what to say to people, it is “what should I eat when I am hungry”.  Through a buddy of mine, I was able to track down a personal chef that used to cook for some of the Denver Broncos players.  He stopped by my apartment and showed me what he could do.  To make a long story short, starting on friday, I will have a personal chef cooking all my meals!  I am the type of person that eats whatever is in front of me.  Brett, the chef, is going to focus on nutrition, and making health conscious meals.  Doing the math, since I eat out about 75-80% of all meals,having a personal chef is actually going to save me money.  I will also be able to eat a lot healthier in the process.

On a final note, I got my medical marijuana card this past weekend.  I see all these dispensaries popping up all over the place, and the time had finally come for me to take care of my “chronic knee and back problems”.  I love america!



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