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Saturday with the chef

December 11, 2011

There are some decisions that you make in your lifetime that makes you think you might be the biggest moron in the world. Then there are those that make you wonder if you are a genius.  This hiring a personal chef has definitely been one of my brighter moments as of late.  Now that I have a personal chef, there is definitely no turning back.  Chef Brett showed up around noon with an entire arsenal for my kitchen.  New sets of pots and pens, silverware, bowls, glasses, plates, a panini press, a blender, a conventional oven, a spice rack, a wok…you name it and he hooked it up.

The Indiana Kentucky game was on at 3:15 mountain time.  He whipped up a bruschetta with veal and orange and red peppers.  I was drooling before he even placed the plate in front of me.  This was followed up with some healthy snacks to tie us over before dinner.  Some dried bananas and peaches, and pop chips. Just as Indiana hit the game winning 3 at the buzzer, Brett put together probably the best tomato bisque soup I have ever had.  The homemade croutons really added a nice touch.  The key ingredient in the bisque was yogurt, which really added a sweet touch to the soup.

This was followed up with a spinach salad that consisted of carrots and tomatoes.  Chef Brett does a great job of laying out a well balanced and healthy meal plan, and making sure it tastes great in the process.  Our main dinner entree was a homemade cheese ravioli with a veal meat sauce. To put the icing on the cake, Brett put together a concoction of granola with melted peanut butter, and seared bananas on top.

I will be going to bed tonight with a very satisfied stomach, and a smile on my face knowing that I no longer have to worry about food.

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