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Mexico, LA…time to refresh for 2012

December 16, 2011

The time of year has rolled around in which I take a couple weeks off to refresh the gears a bit.  I am heading down to Mexico on sunday for a week.   with Both of my brothers and I and our buddy Darren, are staying in a villa right off the beach about thirty minutes outside of Puerto Vallarta.  Warm weather will be a nice breath of fresh air from the cold Denver winter.  I am planning on doing a lot of laying out in the sun, (maybe getting a bit tan…is it possible?) reading, having my fair share of coronas, and margaritas, and spending some quality time with my brothers to end 2011 on a high note.

I get back to Denver on Christmas day, and then two days later I am off to LA for ten days. My buddy Dan, from birthright hooked up free Lakers tickets for us so that should be a great time.  There are  some  people I want to catch up out there, and I have a lot to do as well.  John, Sean, and I have lined up a bunch of high schools around the LA area to rent out classrooms in for mock ACT and SAT testing.  My buddy also has a trade show for his clothing line in Long Beach which I am going to help him out with.  I am in the process of trying to get a clothing line going revolving around food and helping fight child hunger in our country.  Hopefully this trade show will teach me a lot about the industry, and aid me in what steps I have to take from here.   My family is also very interested in potentially launching menu sites at UCLA, USC, and some other colleges in the LA area.  I am going to scope out the colleges and see if it makes sense for us to get the ball rolling out there.

I am probably going to end the trip by going up to San Francisco for a day or two to visit one of my childhood friends that just moved out there.  I will be back in Denver on sunday, January 8th ready to kick some milehighmenus ass again!  Have a great holiday break everybody…be fun and safe.  Next time I speak with you it will be 2012.

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