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completely refueled and ready for action

December 28, 2011

I never fully grasped when family and friends used to tell me how relaxing their vacation was.  The word relax doesn’t really fit well with my daily verbiage, as I have a tough time sitting down for more than a few minutes at a time, let alone take off for a week.  Mexico was the magic potion I had been coveting for the past few months.  80 degrees, not a cloud in the sky, and a lot of time to lay out in the sun, play beach volleyball, and drink coronas really puts things in perspective. (I stayed away from the tequila on this trip south of the border…my stomach can’t muster that stuff anymore) From now on I have decided to take a one week vacation every three-four months.  This will prevent me from burning myself out, and will allow me time away to reflect, and rejuvenate for the next chapter, and whatever lies ahead.

I had a really great time in Puerto Vallarta with my family.  We used to go on a trip every year together with our entire extended family.  My mom has four sisters and a brother, so there are a lot of cousins.  I am the oldest brother, and the oldest cousin in my entire family.  This always makes me feel that I must lead by example.  Its a nice pressure to have, and a constant reminder of what I think is expected of me.

I was planning on going to LA for new years, but I have decided to push back that trip a bit.  Los Angeles isn’t going anywhere, and as soon as I get this Denver site rolling, I will be able to take as many trips to wherever I want.  There is too much for me to get rolling in Denver with Milehighmenus.  The Denver University students all get back the day after New Years.  They are on trimester, so they have been off since before Thanksgiving.  I am excited to execute a marketing campaign in that area to really start facilitating more orders and traffic to   We also are in the process of growing the downtown Denver market.  My brother Dan and I have a great game plan for how to attack DU and downtown.  I am excited to lead a huge street marketing team over the next few weeks. Just going to keep taking things day by day, and things are going to work out just fine. I’ll catch you all at the start of 2012, a clean slate for everybody.


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