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doing things just to do them

January 1, 2012

I “love” these marked days of the year in which you feel some kind of social pressure to go out an do something.   As you can probably figure out, I am being completely sarcastic.  It’s december 31st…time to go out, spend $150 to be able to get into some bar/club, and guess what?  You see a bunch of amateur drinkers that can’t hold their liquor. (These individuals buy into the whole “its New Years eve, we’ve gotta go all out like the world is coming to an end) If you are thinking about trying to breathe or move more than six inches every ten minutes, good luck.  If you are lucky you will walk out of that establishment still being able to hear out of one ear, and there is a slim chance that your clothes will make it out alive without too many spilled drinks and who knows what else.   At least you got to experience the thrill of being around hundreds of drunkards at the crack of midnight.

Looking back, I can’t even remember what I have done on many New Years eves over the past years.  They all wind up singing a similar tune, I dress up in a nice button down and some dress pants,  go out to a bar/club I would never go into any other night of the year, have some drinks, and next thing I know it is the morning after.  My pounding head is wondering why I fell into that trap of doing things just to do them.

I didn’t fall into this trap this year.  Originally I was going to be in LA for New Years, but I shot that idea down because the timing didn’t make sense.  Then I thought it would be cool to go out in Boulder or Denver with my brother and a couple friends. When push came to shove, a few glasses of red wine, and some good college basketball games kept me entertained as 2011 ended.  Might not have been a crazy night, but it will be one that I remember.  I am proud of myself for not just going out last night for the hell of it.  At this point, my lips have touched every type of alcohol that they need to, and there isn’t going to be some crazy party that is any different from any other one.  Maybe at 25 I am starting to see the light a bit.  If you want to do something, go for it.  If not, then say fuck it, and march to the beat of your own drum.

Have a great New Year’s day everybody, we all have a clean slate now as the first day of 2012 has arrived.


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