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Reliability…or lack there of

January 31, 2012

Living in a city has really opened my eyes to why the unemployment rate is so high, and our country has been in the shitter for so long.  There are jobs people…nobody wants to work!  Take this morning for example.  I have interviewed around twenty people over the last couple days to help us with part time marketing.  $10 an hour, 20-40 hours a week.  For somebody that is unemployed, and broke, I would say this is a pretty good gig.  You don’t have to sit at a desk all day, and you get to be in the fresh air.  All I am asking is for a few people to hold up signs/spinners, and door hang.  Its literally easier than giving candy to a baby!

At 8am this morning (about an hour before I was supposed to meet one of new employees to give marketing material)….ring ring…”Hello”, “hey mike this is Derris…I am not going to be able to make it today because I have chest pains.  I am going to the emergency room right now, I hope I am not dying”.  (I am hoping if he actually did have chest pains that he is alright, but odds are that he was full of shit)

Fast forward three hours to 11am (ten minutes after I hand another employee a sign to go out and spin with)…I get a text “my aunt just passed away and I am really shook up, I am going to have to start working for you tomorrow instead of today”  Meanwhile this guy has a wife and a baby to support and was begging me for a job.

You snooze you lose people…there are plenty of opportunities in this country, and money to be made, its just about showing and getting it done!

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