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Spring is knocking on the door

March 6, 2012

I felt it today as I walked outside of my apartment.  Deciding to go with my under armor hoodie I prepped for the worst as I opened the door.  The complex I live in reminds me of a maze that you would use to test mice in a lab.  Every time I order food for delivery it takes the guy fifteen minutes from the time he reaches the front entrance of the complex until he reaches my front door.  Anyway, I live on the fourth floor and when you step foot outside my apartment you are outside.  There was no blistery wind, or blowing snow that hit my face this morning.  I actually did a quick 180, took off the hoodie, changed out of my jeans and just rolled out in my I heart food Milehighmenus tshirt and some mess shorts.

I needed a haircut and decided to walk the eight blocks to Floyd’s barbershop. (A chain barbershop in the mountain west and west coast)  The vitamin D was pouring on me as I basked in the sun as I glided my way over to get my haircut.  I wasn’t actually ice skating, you get the gist.  When you are used to Denver cold, snow, and wind for three months it is easy to feel as though you are walking on water on a random 70 degree sunny day in early march.  A nice girl named Morgan cut my hair, and then gave me a shoulder massage with this cool device and put a hot towel over my face for a few minutes.  I haven’t felt that relaxed in awhile, as I think I fell into a daydream for a bit.  I can not praise Floyd’s Barbershop enough.  Whether its the comfortable cushions and great reading material they have while you wait for your haircut, or the hip music they play on a consistent basis.  (Somehow, they never seem to play a bad song in that place, its awesome!)  Not to mention, they are letting me leave coupons and promo items at all of their Denver locations.  I am definitely hooking them all up with a ton of free food.  Barbershops are great spots for gossip, and they are ever revolving doors with people coming and going.  Many people are also getting their haircut right before or after meals, so the timeliness of the whole thing is perfect.  Mad props to Floyd’s…I have found my new place to get my hair chopped up.

As for Milehighmenus…my brother Dan and I are extremely encouraged by our growth over the last couple weeks.  We can really start to feel the city rallying around us.  Not as a whole of course, as we have 3 million people to cover and that is going to take some time.  We are taking things day by day, and focusing on one pocket of Denver at a time.  Eventually we will reach the point in which we are ingrained in the day to day Denver culture, and Milehighmenus will be where it needs to be.  A gorgeous day like today makes me more motivated than ever to get this site to a point in which I can head west and live in warm weather all the time!  I am in such a better mood, and much more clear headed when it is sunny and warm, and having this on a consistent basis would do wonders for me.

Have a good week folks


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