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spontaneity is the best philosophy

March 20, 2012

My brother graduated from CU Boulder last year, and the Colorado college basketball team had just gone on a magical run to win the Pac 12 championship, get an automatic bid in the NCAA tournament, and had managed to beat UNLV in the first round.  We went to a sports bar in Boulder called the Lazy Dog to watch the Colorado vs UNLV game.  The place was electric and reminded me of the many times I had watched IU basketball games at Nicks in Bloomington.  Indiana happened to be playing against New Mexico state at the same time as the Buffs game.  I stood out like a sore thumb as I got pumped up and cheered every time the Hoosiers put in a basket.  That is what March Madness is all about, and the culmination of the Indiana and Colorado victories made the pitchers of beer, and royal flush drinks all the more sweeter!

I awoke the next morning to a call from my brother, “Yo Mike you down to drive to Albuquerque for the Colorado vs Baylor game tomorrow?”  Lately I have tried to have the yes man mentality, and I am all about last minute trips.  Road trips always give me time to clear my head and are actually quite meditative and relaxing. The time had also come to give my Jeep Wrangler a nice workout.  Its always good to run the engine for awhile after the first couple thousand miles.  Besides, I have always loved college basketball, especially this time of year.  I had never been to New Mexico so it would be exciting to go to a city and state that I had never crossed paths with.

Colorado put up a good fight to a really good Baylor team, but in the end Baylor pulled away.  When I went up to grab a bite to eat, I had the pleasure of meeting Andy Katz, the college basketball analyst.  Growing up I wanted to be a sports broadcaster, and college basketball was always my favorite sport to watch being analyzed.  I think he was delighted to be recognized, and was very friendly.  That alone made the trip well worth it!

Its amazing how the outcome of a game can change a mindset from euphoric to depressed within minutes.  When Colorado was neck and neck with Baylor up until the last few minutes of the game, my brother and his friends were ecstatic.  They all had enough energy and adrenaline rushing through them to probably run a marathon.  Ten minutes later we were debating whether or not to just drive back to Denver right after the game.  They felt defeated after the game, and the alcohol and adrenaline had all gone to shit..  The fact that it was St Patrick’s day and there were cops everywhere, and tons of drunk drivers we decided to call it a night.  We found a good Albuquerque diner in the morning, and headed back to the Mile High City.

Hey I could have said no, and never gone to New Mexico…but what the hell.

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