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Exciting times in Milehigh!

April 6, 2012

Besides a couple cold rainy days, summer seems like it has arrived in Denver.  I couldn’t be more thrilled as I much prefer warm weather to the cold.  This past winter was mild in Denver terms, but it was still too frigid for my liking.  The sun here is really strong, and there is no better feeling to waking up, going on my balcony and just taking in the warm breeze and rays. is starting to show signs of life, and Dan and I are very excited for this summer because we think that will be our ever so coveted tipping point.  If you keep hammering away at something on a consistent basis for an extended period of time it will never go unnoticed.  I realized that in Bloomington, and I am seeing it first hand here in Denver.   As I always say, there is no instant gratification in success.  If anything seems to good to be true it usually is, and really hard work never goes unnoticed.  I have laid out an extensive 6 month marketing plan that I will be reviewing with my brother and father over the weekend.  I am very excited for this to come to fruition and culminate into a success!

I am also excited for the opportunity to hopefully launch the city of Indianapolis this summer with Corey Arenson, and Nick Moore (The Hungryboiler- Purdue Site owner).  Although I won’t be in the Indy market on the day to day, I have all the confidence in the world in Corey and Nick, and the dedication, passion and intelligence that they bring to this project.  That will be another topic of discussion on the agenda when I speak to my family this weekend.    With the success of Btownmenus in Bloomington, and Hungryboiler in West Lafayette, we feel as though bridging the gap and launching the city of Indianapolis is the logical next move.

Our foodie4 clothing designs have finally gotten under way, and I am excited to see that project through, get an online store made, and really starting to build the foundation for our company’s philanthropy that we have been wanting to start for awhile.  What is the point of running a business if you can’t give back to the community.  In this sense, I really want us building awareness around fighting children hunger in America.  We already have the platform with our websites to be able to gain instant awareness in the college markets.  Now that we are beginning to move into cities as well, the time has come to get the ball rolling on foodie4.  Once the designs for the catalog are complete, we will fly out to New York City and meet up with some distributors of a good friend of mine, and if everything pans out we will then have distribution rights and start pitching this to major retailers.  In the meantime we will be pushing this hard through facebook, twitter, and horizontal banners on all our menu sites.  At the end of the day everybody needs to eat or else they die.  Its a harsh reality in life, and unfortunately there are far too many people in the world, let alone the US that go hungry every night.  I have never had to go through a day in my life worrying about when and where I would be getting my next meal.  This is something that I have taken for granted for far too long, and its time to give back and at least make a small dent in such a large world issue.

Its 70 and sunny outside, I think its time to for a nice stroll down 16th street mall.  Enjoy the weekend!

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