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“killing time”

May 2, 2012

Time is an ironic aspect of life.  Your life revolves around what time of day it is.  A common theme that I have picked up on lately is how often people try to “kill time”.  Cigarette breaks outside of office buildings, watching a TV show just so “5pm can arrive faster”, these facebook status updates with countdowns until graduations, spring breaks, summer. Is it just me or has life just turned into a huge purgatory?  Some kind of waiting room in which nobody knows where they are or what they are waiting for?  Living in downtown Denver has given me the opportunity to lay my eyes upon thousands of people on the day to day as I go about my  life.  The majority of them just seem to be passing by without having anywhere to really go.  I am not referring to the homeless (although it is alarming how impoverished a lot of Denver is-as well as many other US cities).  Whether its a business professional with a suit and tie on, a high schooler with a skateboard in hand, or an elderly woman whose glory days are mere memories, they all seem lost.  I can’t tell if its a lack of direction or purpose, an overload of information through digital media, or maybe I am just envisioning all of this, and its all in my head?  Next time you have an hour to “kill”, or think to yourself, “I am bored”, pick up a book and read, pick up a pen and write, pick up your feet and walk…just do something.  No action taken is pointless, doing nothing is.

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