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The ebb and flow

June 23, 2012

After about two weeks of our new platform launching for Milehighmenus, and our huge summer marketing push, the results are definitely showing.  My family is very excited with how the day to day has been unfolding.  My youngest brother Jeff has been our best employee, and is really showing great signs of dedication and leadership.  There is no doubt in my mind that this market has all the potential for us in the world.  As I have written about it in previous posts, potential can be a scary word.  If initiatives/tasks aren’t executed correctly then there is no chance of a business being successful.  My main role right now is being accountable for all of our summer employees, and following up with all of the contacts that they make for our business.

Corey has been doing a fantastic job at selling advertising to our restaurants on for the year ahead.  We are very excited in the new layout of all our sites (Btownmenus will be changing platforms within 3 weeks).  Combining the enhanced technology, and Corey building up relationships with the TIS bookstore, and hopefully the IMU we very confident in the year ahead.  Corey is heading back home to New Jersey for a much deserved break for a few weeks before the year ahead begins.  We are planning on having him move out to Denver right after New Years to help us with Milehighmenus in Denver, and expand it as much as possible.  Dan and I are pumped to have him out here, it will be one more individual with a lot of experience and knowledge in our business.  We have to just keep working hard on the day to day with all of our sites and everything will pan out in a positive light.

On another note, I have been focusing my spare time on writing comedy, watching stand up comedians live and on youtube, and reading as much as possible.  I performed last thursday night, and thought I did pretty well for my first time in front of a non open mic night crowd.  Chris Miller, a great guy, and host of the comedy show that I did stand up act, gave me a shot for 3 minutes.  I am very excited to get up there again and again and keep doing stand up.  Its a real rush getting in front of a crowd and making a bunch of strangers laugh.  Branding to me is all about storytelling and content engagement.  We pass out free food at all the comedy shows so it allows me to have conversations with potential customers.   Whenever you can promote your brand and revolve it around entertainment, the stickiness value of your product/business goes way up. People remember experiences, and it never hurts to be part of the show!

I have been keeping busy, and meeting a lot of new people in the Mile high City.  I am still however in the same mindset that at some point in the near future I will be living on the beach somewhere.  Denver is a very cool city, with very nice and interesting people, but it just doesn’t feel like home to me.  I have been here almost a year now, and my mind is completely consumed with the business, and the comedy, so where I live for the time being really isn’t important.  As the saying goes “you make your surroundings, your surroundings don’t make you”.




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