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I’ll take the steps

July 6, 2012

Are you the type of person who takes the elevator if you live on the 4th floor? Or….do you take the steps?  Lately,  I’ve had this recurring dream  in which I am walking up a flight of stairs with a couple bags of groceries.  I climb and climb, and eventually my grocery bags break and the groceries descend down what seems like a never ending black hole of a stairwell.  My dreams are always on steps, and never in an elevator.  Enclosed spaces aggravate me, and I wonder if this is part of the reason why I have always taken the steps when given an option.  The elevator/step analogy is one that can be used when dissecting your day to day life.

The 4th of July was a couple days ago, and I am normally not the nostalgic type, but whenever Thanksgiving and Independence Day rolls around, I usually step back and reflect on the last year.  I think back to what I was doing during this time last year, and how I have grown as a person over the last 365 days.  Moving from Bloomington to Denver was a transition that was much needed in my life. is gaining a lot of momentum, and we are extremely confident in the future of the life of the website.  The same can be said for Btownmenus and Hungrybuffs, as we just launched a new platform that makes our sites a lot easier to order online from.  Corey is back in New Jersey for the month of July to relax and rejuvenate.  He is going to get Btownmenus to the next level and then as of now the plan is to have him move out to Denver either during the winter or next spring.   We all are on good routines, and I am confident in my family and in Corey, and their ability to keep growing as individuals parallel to the business growing.

I like to think that I have matured since living in Denver for a year, but that is always hard to see from the eye of the beholder.  Stand up comedy has been a great outlet for me to implement a hobby that I really enjoy into my daily routine.  I hope to really pursue writing and comedy on a full time level once menu sites don’t engulf the majority of my time.  The biggest challenge I have is to transform my mind from marketing and business during the day to just focusing on comedy in the wee hours.  Comedy/Writing isn’t something in which you just turn on a switch and go at it.  Its something that comes naturally, you can’t force it.

I was planning on taking a vacation for a week or two this summer to clear my head and get reenergized for the next few month stretch.  However, there is too much going on with Milehighmenus summer marketing, and there are a lot of great open mic nights and comedy shows that I could be a part of this summer.  Its hard for me to be on vacation when I have so much going on in my head.  Relaxation has never been easy for me, and at this stage in my life that is probably a good thing.

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