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Finally over

November 7, 2012

I am relieved that the election has finally concluded.  The outcome didn’t turn out as I had hoped, but when push comes to shove my life is going to be basically the same regardless of who is president.  After watching a lot of the coverage tonight, one thing that I would love to see is a change from the electoral votes to the popular vote being the determining factor for who wins the presidency.   Although this is very unlikely to change since it has been cemented in the ritual/tradition of our country for so long, it would alleviate so much bullshit.  When all is said, Barack Obama got reelected as president.  All the state to state ground campaigning that took place these last few months cost millions if not billions of dollars.  The traffic jams that people had to sit in when Obama or Romney were campaigning were never ending.  I know first hand from sitting in many over the last six months in which both candidates were in Colorado dozens of times.  If the election was based on popular vote, candidates would have to change their ways of reaching the people.  The shit talking television, radio, and internet ads I am sure will never change, but whatever can be done to save money and time in our country should be a top priority.  In saying this, having a six year term instead of a four year term would allow elections to not pop up as often.  Presidents would be able to focus more time on actual issues, rather than just bullshit campaigning.  Does it really make sense for over 25% of all presidencies are spent on the campaign trail?

Hopefully these next four years lead to a full recovery for the united states of america.  Things seem to be looking up on the whole, and although I voted for Mitt Romney and he put up a good fight, a change of leadership might not have been the best thing at this stage of the game.  Its always interesting to evaluate your life around every election.  I am curious to see how the next four years go, and where my life will lead me by the time Barack Obama is out of office.  Hopefully I can look back at this timeframe in life as a beneficial part of the journey.

On a side note, I was thrilled to see amendment 64 pass in Colorado.  This means that marijuana will become recreational next December.   For my family business this definitely is a positive.  In my opinion, this will lead to a boom in the Denver and Boulder populations, which is great for our menu websites.  The tourism factor between the mountains for skiiers and snowboarders and now the legalization of recreational use of marijuana will lead to a lot more individuals deciding to vacation in the state of Colorado.  Especially now since Amsterdam doesn’t allow nonresidents to purchase marijuana.  The idea of having pot cafes in America is really fascinating to me.  I loved that concept when I went to Amsterdam a few years ago.  Never being a big drinker myself, I love the thought of hanging out at a cafe/restaurant that serves food, drinks, and marijuana.

Until next time….

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