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Pause and Reflect

November 29, 2012

For some reason, every year in between Thanksgiving and New Years, I am always pausing and reflecting back.  Maybe its because every year seems to fly by a lot faster as I get older.  I went back to New Jersey and New York City for the first time since last Thanksgiving.  Getting to catch up with family, and old friends was great, and there is nothing greater than walking around New York City and not having a care in the world about where you are going.  I can people watch in the Big Apple all day, everyday if I had the chance.  This last year has seemed like one large day to me, a big blur.  I have been trying to balance out my time a lot better as of lately.  After all, there is more to life than just running online menu websites.  I am having a great time with the challenge of building up out in Denver.  Things are starting to really take off, and Corey coming out here in february will be the icing on the cake.  Last week I started taking a colorado real estate class so that I can get my real estate license.  Its an online class which allows me to take classes whenever I have the time.  As long as I complete the 168 hour course within a year, I will be able to take the state exam.  I figured it would be to gain experience and knowledge in a different industry, and this gives me something else to think about it on a daily basis.  The comedy writing has been coming along nicely.  Sean and I are working diligently on getting this Wingman script finished by the summer.  Its hard to just sit down and force yourself to write.  There are days in which I want to brainstorm, read, and write all day.  There are other moments when my mind is all over the place and I feel like running a marathon because I can’t sit still.  What I am most excited about right now is getting our foodie4life philanthropy and clothing line off the ground to start 2013.  Building awareness to help fight hunger in America is something that I am set out to make a top priority in the year ahead.  Through our menu websites as platforms, my family hopes to help feed a lot of people who go hungry at night.  This will definitely give me more of a purpose when I wake up in the morning.   On another note, I am going on vacation down to the Turks and Caicos in a couple weeks with my brother, Corey, Nick, and our friends Darren and John.  Vacations are essential now and then to refresh and clear your head.  I am looking forward to having some good weather, relaxation, and a lot of fun!  Being an entrepreneur is an isolated gig most of the time, so it will be good to hang with some buddies and get away from work for a bit.


Until next time…

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