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Turks and Caicos

December 23, 2012

If you want to lay your eyes on one of the most gorgeous beaches in the world, Turks and Caicos should be your next vacation spot.  80 degrees and sunny everyday during the heart of winter?  Yes please!  Its been a long and strenuous past year since I last took a vacation.  We got a great crew together in my brother Dan, our good friends, Corey, Darren, and Nick, and decided to book a vacation together.  What was great about this trip was the chance to be surrounded by like minded individuals who are all in the same industry.  As I have mentioned in previous posts, entrepreneurship and isolation go hand in hand on many days.  To say its refreshing to have some camaraderie once in awhile is an understatement.  Changing up scenery from time to time, always clears your head, and leads to great brainstorming sessions as well!

My dad went to Club Med back in the 1970s and raved to us about how much fun he had.  (I don’t think they have renovated the Club Med resorts since his trip 30 plus years ago)  I am not usually one for these all inclusive type of trips, but what the heck, we gave it a shot, and stayed at Club Med Turkoise in Turks and Caicos.

Summary of the trip:

White beaches, clear as sky oceans: A+

food: D  all you can eat buffets at every meal, most of the food items are barely edible, you get what you pay for-the bread was the one highlight.  They have to also do a better job of keeping the buffet open longer.  I was extremely aggravated that waking up at 1015am one morning that breakfast was already over.  This isn’t a getaway for senior citizens only.  The savior was a grill shack called Sharkies that had burgers, and wraps whenever you want until midnight.

people: C  this is hit or miss at one of these resorts.  Unfortunately we went during a week in which there was anybody from 18 years old-75.  A diverse group of individuals.  We met some interesting people, including a couple desperate 40-45 year old women that claimed they were 30.  I must have spotted at least 6-7 guys in their 50s reading Tom Clancy novels.  I swear that his books seem to pop up in airports and on vacations everywhere I go.    I suggest in the future that Club Med puts together weeks with set age groups.  Hearing from one of the employees that we got the short end of the stick regarding the age range last week wasn’t very encouraging.

Price:  A:   all in after flight, food and hotel we only spent $1200 each at most for 5 nights and 6 days on a gorgeous beach front.

Club Med has some potential if they renovate the grounds.  The place reminded me of being on an episode of Gilligan’s Island, with how old fashioned everything felt.  They also need to figure out a way to step up their food game.  How hard is it to make a pancake?  I mean come on people!  The employees at the resort however were great.  They all seem like current day renaissance people.  An employee at club med could be a life guard, a dance instructor, a yoga teacher, and a bartender all in one!  You can tell that every person that works there is a tight knit group, and they really enjoy their jobs.  Doing what you love and always being in 80 degrees and sun, on a gorgeous beach?  Things can definitely be worse.

As a whole, I love Turks and Caicos.  Outside of the resort, the prices are outrageously expensive.  Bug spray, and sun tan lotion cost a combined $30, and any tourist shop on the island is a goldmine for the locals.  Their economy revolves solely around tourism, so you can’t blame them for the steep prices.

I came back a little tan, not needing to go on a diet, relaxed, and refueled for the year ahead.  After speaking to the guys from the trip, I think we are going to start making it a ritual to go on a trip together every 6 months to a different location.  The way I see it, if you always have a vacation planned far in advance, there is something to look forward to, and it gives you that mental edge on the day to day!


I am glad the world didn’t come to an end on December 21st!  Happy Holidays everybody!

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