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Who doesn’t like free pancakes?

January 19, 2013

I am not the nostalgic type, but in this situation I have to go back to 8th grade graduation for a minute.  My english teacher, Mrs Clark (the grammar nazi as we liked to call her) picked me to write a speech for middle school graduation.  After a couple years of being a hard ass, Mrs Clark threw me a bone and wanted to put my writing to the test.  She is long gone now, but I can never thank Mrs Clark enough for seeing potential in my writing, and aiding me in having correct punctation in my day to day communication with people in person, and/or on paper (email).  My 8th grade graduation speech ended with the line, “Pancakes anyone?”  Little did I know back then that I would end up in the food industry.

Lately, we have been making pancakes for business professionals and residents all over Denver to help promote the site.  Hotels, banks, apartment complexes, hospitals, dorms, you name it and we are there.  Everybody loves pancakes, especially when they are free!  They are easy to make, and you can tell that people really appreciate us getting our hands dirty and making the pancakes ourselves.  Its hard to match the aroma that fills the air when buttermilk batter is poured into the pan.  I am also turning into quite the expert when it comes to flipping pancakes.   Onto the next pancake bar!



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