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Stranger Danger

January 25, 2013

There are too many people in day to day life that are afraid to approach strangers.  I am not talking about a guy rolling down his car window and asking an eight year old kid to come get in the car and have a lollipop.  This regards high school and college kids, the parents and grandparents of those high school and college kids, who in turn are in many cases business professionals of some kind.  A lot of my day to day job revolves around going around and promoting my brand to strangers. The only way to instill anything into anybody is by having some kind of direct communication.  I figure that if you can put a name behind a brand/product another individual is more inclined to trust whatever it is you are doing.  After all, you are your own brand, remember that.  Whatever you represent must be portrayed to whoever or whatever you are targeting.

Over the last few years I have noticed a common pattern that reoccurs.  Friends, and acquaintances, and even strangers in certain situations ask me how its possible to just walk up to anybody and speak to them in their place of business, on the street, wherever it may be.  “Aren’t you afraid”?  I think parents in every generation over the last century have done a terrible job of raising their kids to be terrified of speaking to people they don’t know. This translates into the kids growing up and being intimidated when confronted by any type of uncertainty.   Once you meet somebody they aren’t a stranger anymore!   Everybody is human, and I always ask myself, what is the worst that can happen”?   My good friend Nick Moore and I were having a conversation the other day and he stated something that was very intriguing.  He claimed that it stresses him out if he doesn’t market to every person that he has the chance to.  The anticipation of the negative consequences of not marketing his brand led him to realize that the best solution was to go balls to the wall and not leave any stone unturned.  The opposite effect usually takes place and there is a ton of anticipation and stress after tons of talking and no walking to back it up.  It starts with your first step out of bed in the morning, and shouldn’t end until your head hits the pillow at the end of the night.

When I was seven years old I will never forget that I was on a hike with my dad and uncle.  We were talking about life, and they said something to me that I will never forget, “Have no fear”.    Subconsciously we all know what we are capable of in life.  Unfortunately the majority of the population is afraid.  Afraid of public speaking, afraid of changing jobs, afraid of taking risks, afraid of life.  Next time you have an opportunity, make sure that you take it.  Gain off that momentum and don’t stop, ever.  Reach a goal, and strive for another one.  When purpose doesn’t exist disease and sickness strike.  Keep reading to workout your brain, get a good sweat in for at least an hour a day, eat healthy, and most importantly…HAVE NO FEAR!



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